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About Our Acupuncturist Serving Norcross & Buford 

At Acupuncture Healing & Wellness, we provide comprehensive acupuncture services for residents of Buford, Norcross, and other communities. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing modality that uses natural methods to treat physical and mental ailments. Many of our clients have never tried acupuncture before, but enjoy the whole person approach provided at our clinic. 

About Our Acupuncture Clinic In Buford & Norcross

At Acupuncture Healing and Wellness, we provide two clinics to best serve you. Our Norcross acupuncture clinic is near I-85 for easy on/off access. Our Buford clinic is close to the Toyota Mall of GA. No matter which clinic you visit, you will find the atmosphere clean, comfortable, and cozy. While you wait to be seen or relax and enjoy your needling session, you will enjoy the quiet, tranquil atmosphere and the personalized attention our acupuncturist, Dr. Park, provides. 

Though acupuncture, we are able to promote a health and wellness balance in the body, while reducing your symptoms. We do this by using thin sterile needles to shift the energy in your body. By releasing stuck or slow-moving qi, we can restore your energy. By calming fast-moving energy, we can promote harmony and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Many of our clients come to us when they've tried other modalities and not achieved successful healing. These patients are surprised at how gentle yet effective acupuncture can be! 

About Our Norcross & Buford Acupuncturist 

Our acupuncturist Henry Park, L.Ac. has been providing acupuncture services for over 25 years. While Dr. Park can treat physical and mental conditions using acupuncture, he particularly enjoys providing patients with natural relief from pain and stress. Dr. Park also offers facial rejuvenation services using the Korean MISO standard and is a licensed acupuncturist in Georgia and New York.

Wellness education plays an important role in stress reduction and mental health, and Dr. Park is pleased to offer wellness advice from an Oriental medicine lens. Dr. Park believes that acupuncture is an essential part of a full healthy lifestyle. Our treatments take a whole person approach. Before we needle you, Dr. Park will ask about your health, mood, and symptoms to tailor the treatment to your unique health needs. During needling, Dr. Park will push needles into your meridians to balance your body and treat the symptoms of your pain or disease.

Before you leave our acupuncture clinic, we will offer lifestyle or nutrition advice or recommend Chinese herbs to help you achieve your overall health and wellness goals. We know that continued learning of healthy habits is the best way to build success, and we strive to accomplish this. To educate our acupuncture patients, we are excited to offer free website content to our members. 

After reading this, would you like to give acupuncture a try? We offer two clinics to best serve you. To make an appointment in Buford, please call us at 678-789-2490. To make an appointment in Norcross, please contact us at 770-447-7557.